Welcome to Circle Time!

Preschool is a crucial time for children to develop their socialization skills. Circle Time is an important part of our curriculum where children learn to interact and share with others. During Circle Time, our preschoolers come together to learn, sing, listen, and communicate with one another.

Our Circle Time provides a safe space for the children to express themselves and build strong relationships with their peers. We believe that by participating in group activities, our children learn to appreciate others, develop empathy, and enhance their communication skills.

Here are some of the activities that we do during Circle Time:

- Singing songs and rhymes
- Storytelling and reading books
- Sharing our experiences and feelings
- Playing games that encourage teamwork and cooperation
- Learning about different cultures and holidays

We encourage our children to actively participate in Circle Time and provide opportunities for them to lead the group. By doing so, they learn to take responsibility, build confidence, and develop important leadership skills.

At our preschool, we understand that every child is unique and has different socialization needs. Therefore, we work closely with parents and caregivers to ensure each child feels comfortable and included during Circle Time.