Welcome to the Math and Science Exploration tab! Here at our preschool website, we believe in providing young minds with numerous opportunities to learn, discover and explore the world around them. Through our Math and Science Exploration activities, we aim to instil a love for numbers, patterns, and scientific inquiry in our little learners.

Counting: Counting is the foundation of math, and we have several games and activities to help our preschoolers master this essential skill. Whether it's counting colourful objects, identifying numbers or grouping items according to quantities, our preschoolers will have fun while learning to count.

Sorting: Sorting is another fundamental math concept that helps children develop their logical thinking and reasoning skills. Our sorting activities involve categorizing objects by size, shape, colour or texture, helping our little learners understand the concept of classification.

Organizing: Organizing is essential in both math and science. Our activities help children arrange objects in a particular order, making comparisons and observing patterns. From arranging objects by size to arranging patterns in a sequence, our preschoolers learn how to organize information and data logically.

Sequencing: Sequencing activities help children understand the concept of order and how things work together. Our preschoolers improve their critical thinking and decision-making abilities by arranging items in a particular sequence. Through sequencing activities, they also learn to recognize patterns and the relationship between things.

Discovering Materials: In the Science Exploration activities, we provide opportunities for our preschoolers to discover and explore various materials. From slime, and playdough to water and sand, our little scientists get hands-on experience with various materials. They learn about textures, properties, and how materials change or react when exposed to different conditions, making our preschoolers curious about the world around them.

We believe that a strong foundation in Math and Science is essential for our preschoolers' overall development. Through the Math and Science Exploration activities, we aim to foster our little learners' love for learning and discovery. So, join us on this exciting learning journey, and let's explore the world together!